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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The EF1 Near Osgood, Indiana, 20Feb2014

The EF1 tornado that touched down about 10:14 PM EST Thursday  20Feb2014 was a classic leading edge funnel.
Wide view of KIND NEXRAD Doppler Radar 
lowest elevation (0.51° tilt) reflectivity 03:12:00z (10:12 PM EST) Thursday 
20Feb 2014.There is no easily discernible sign here or in the close 
up of a tornado. It touched down 2 minutes after this.

Close up view of the top image.
The tornado touched down about half way between the napoleon and Osgood dots.

KIND radial velocity at 10:12 PM EST 20Feb2014.
The small bright green spot indicates air rushing towards the Indianapolis
 radar. Immediately southwest the color is red indicating air flowing 
away from the KIND radar.

Close up of the image above.

Tornado signature high-lighted.

Rotation indicated by the radial velocity display.

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